Originally Established in 1985 under Lazok Schoeder Enterprises – Co Expansion in 1997 as Lazok Industries.
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Lazok Industries

Welcome to Lazok Industries
We collaborate and support private entities, public entities, government entities / 501c3

Halogen Holdings

A Local Corporate Interface and Collaboration Division
Advanced data analytics, Large Language Modeling, Zero point energy research, Mass Acceleration Vectoring, Field Coercive Magnetics, New Technology R&D, Product Life Cycle Testing, Initial Fabrication and Prototyping, Small Scale Manufacturing, Large Scale Manufacturing, Research and Development

Center for the Future

Incubator / Technology
CENTER FOR THE FUTURE with Lazok Industries collaboration - Transforming Civic Development:
A Business Incubator Powered by Advanced Technology


Prescott Regional Opportunity Foundation 501c3 Non-Profit University graduate incubating system, Collaborative intellect and economic growth provider
Jon Haass / James Lazok
Integral Consulting Division


Western Corridor Economic Council
Economics, Technology, Environment, Energy - Our consulting focus is based on, but not limited to, economic failure, growth, and energy management


Public / Private Entity Investments All Real Estate
Lazok Industries MONETARYWORX Business, Land, and Real Estate Investments

WCEC P-4 Mergers

Private / Public / County / Investor Management
Western Corridor Economic Council - P4 Mergers / Consulting / Advisory Division

Owners Rep

All Infrastructure Planning and Management
Lazok Industries - End-to-End Due Diligence Oversight Pre-Project Compliances


Regulatory Due Diligence Agency
All Due Diligence Agency Requirements. All Federal/State/County Agency requirements. Pre-land use planning / Pre-Civil Engineering


Western Corridor New Development
New Residential Developments Development Projects from Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Montana - Contractor Governance and Performance Streamlining


Whiterock Redevelopment
Industrial and Commercial A-General, B-General, Industrial / Commercial / Residential Construction Projects


Off-Grid Sustainable Homestead Developments
State of the art high technology independent ranch style living


R&D / Testing, Prototyping, Machining, Manufacturing
Lazok Industries XPRTWORX - Unified Production Center for Private, Public, and Government Sectors

Quantum TechWorx

All Technology
Oversight / Interface
Lazok Industries QUANTUM TECHWORX - Advanced Next-Gen Tech: Linking Today's Demands with Future Innovations

Quantum GlobalWorx

Local, State, National, Global AI Tech Connector
Lazok Industries QUANTUM GLOBALWORX - Worldwide and Local Technology Partnerships: Fostering Unity in the Digital Age

LWPSC Blueprint

A Systematical Blueprint for the Betterment of Humankind


A Global Solutions Think Tank Live/Work/Play/Sustain/Care National Global Problem Solving


Invest in the Future
Transforming how we Live, Work, Play, Sustain, and Care by investing in humanity's future

LWPSC Consulting

Sustainable Land Use Planning
A Unified Approach to Sustainable Land Use Planning / Problem-Solving


P-3 Private Sector Apps
Coming soon private sector app

Live Work Play Sustain Care Established 1997. A Division of Lazok Industries, A systemical blueprint for the betterment of humanity.

Holodeck Prod.

Media / Broadcasting Distribution
Lazok Industries - Livestreaming Media Broadcasting / Production Center


P-3 Public Sector Apps
Coming soon public sector app

James Lazok

Founder/Creator/CEO of Lazok Industries, 41 Years in Business

email: [email protected]phone: 928-273-0434

Responsible for creating conscientious change focused on helping society and humankind. This has been achieved by offering new and unique companies to solve complicated and overwhelming economic and sustainable issues.

  • Owner Founder LWPSC, A Systematical Blueprint for the Betterment of Humanity
  • Creator of Worldwide Global Think Tank Regarding Complex Social and Economic Issues
  • Consultant P-4 Mergers / Private Entities, Public Municipal Entities, Government Entities, Investors
  • Owners Rep: Real Estate Procurement Specialist / All Due Diligence / Disputes / Oversight
  • Sustainable Real Estate Developer / Redevelopments
  • B-General Contractor / Partner / A-General  / Journeyman Construction Experience
  • Owner Xprtwrx : Research & Development New Technologies / Prototype / Testing / Fabrication / Manufacturing – Autocad / Logistics Machines Performance Output & Accountability

Jon C Haass

Cybersecurity Consultant
Lazok Industries

Founder and Director of business incubator / accelerator (CenterFuture.org), cybersecurity professional and professor, Think Tank member, published author on artificial intelligence and machine learning offering solutions for government, private sector companies large and small. Guest speaker for retreats, conferences and groups both live and on—line covering a variety of topics for challenges today and tomorrow. 

Sue Marceau

Business Management Systems
Lazok Industries

Economic business plan strategist for Lazok Industries. Excels in bringing culturally significant products and services to businesses and consumers in regulated and free-market economies. Proven expertise in business management, product launch, service delivery, sales channels, and marketing disciplines. Fluent in several languages. Overseas corporate liaison for Motorola Iridium Division.

Doug Billi

Software Engineer
Lazok Industries

As the lead technology representative for Lazok Industries, Doug Billi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in software development and real-time telecommunications. With a track record of designing and implementing robust applications for large-scale systems, Doug has consistently demonstrated his prowess in the tech industry. He excels in crafting communication strategies, making him a key figure in public relations. 

David Walker

Technology Manager
Lazok Industries

A catalyst in tech ecosystems, David has revolutionized the commercial real estate industry via CoworkingConsulting.com with innovative business models and advanced technologies. His global collaborations, spanning from Singapore to New York, reflect his expertise in creating smart business solutions. Based in Prescott, David champions local redevelopment and leads a global AI community, while also venturing into the cutting-edge realm of Metaverse platforms.

Michelle Davis

Defense Consultant & Entrepreneur
Lazok Industries

Michelle Davis has carved a niche in defense contracting, notably with Design Continuum, Inc., serving key accounts like the Pentagon and various military bases. As an integrated member of Federal Turn Key Corporation, she’s renowned for her expertise in commercial installations for military lodges nationwide. Holding two GSA contracts and a patent, Michelle’s acumen extends to drafting government contract specifications. Beyond defense, she’s an active community supporter with Arivaca Helping Hearts and a real estate innovator in Tulum, MX. She is also a grant writer for Lazok Industries.

Anthony Mazzola

Television, Film, Broadcasting
Lazok Industries

A seasoned producer in the media production realm, Anthony Mazzola boasts a rich history marked by expertise in film and television production, video creation, and social media management. A proud alumnus of the Roger Corman School of Film, he holds a Stage Manager Certificate focused on Feature Production. As a Motion Picture Writer and Producer, Anthony’s credentials are further solidified with his membership in the Directors Guild of America.

Anthony also has a background in architecture and engineering. Specializing in water management, infrastructure management, sustainable living spaces, and repurposable resources.